Product nameDescriptionIngredients
Seville MarmaladeThe classic traditional marmalade. Using organically grown Sevilles. A Great Taste Award winner!Sugar, organic Seville oranges, fresh lemon juice, filtered water
Old Fashioned Seville MarmaladeThe same recipe as my Seville marmalade, only with a mix of white and dark sugar. The dark sugar adds a marvellous depth of flavour. Hand cut. Also, a gold medal winnerSugar (white/dark), organic Seville oranges, fresh lemon juice, filtered water.
Seville Marmalade with Malt WhiskyThe same recipe as my Seville marmalade with Ardbeg 10 year old single malt whisky added. Ardbeg imbues a smokey and peaty flavour. A gold medal winner.Sugar, organic Seville oranges, fresh lemon juice, Ardbeg
Seville Marmalade with Cognac Marinated SultanasNew for 2020, and also a gold medal winner. Golden sultanas are marinated in cognac for at least 24 hours before being added to Seville marmalade. Definitely a bit different.Sugar, organic Seville oranges, golden sultanas, fresh lemon juice, Courvoisier Cognac, filtered water.
Clementine and Lemon MarmaladeOne of my top selling marmalades. The combination of sweet clementines with sharp lemons works so well. Silver Medal winnerSugar, clementines, lemons, filtered water
Lime MarmaladeJust limes, with a flavour all their own. They make a lovely fresh marmalade. Bronze Medal winner. Sugar, limes, filtered water
Lime and Stem Ginger MarmaladeIf you love lime and ginger, this is the marmalade for you. The addition of coarsely chopped stem ginger adds another layer of flavour and texture. Bronze Medal winner. Sugar, limes, stem ginger, filtered water
Triple Fruit MarmaladeA bit different from a traditional three fruit marmalade. The bergamot brings a whole different taste profile. Bronze Medal winner. Sugar, sweet oranges, lemons, bergamot, filtered water
Lemon and Norfolk Honey MarmaladeLemons are joined with a honey sourced in Norwich from private producers who make only a small amount of honey each year. The results are lush. This is another Silver Medal winner.Sugar, Norfolk honey, filtered water.
Grapefruit and Stem Ginger MarmaladeAnother of my stem ginger creations, and wonderful to boot. Another gold medal winner.Sugar, white grapefruit, stem ginger, fresh lemon juice, filtered water.
Blood Orange Marmalade with Norfolk GinTake sweet, juicy blood oranges, then add the cardamom rich Norfolk Gin and the result is sublime. Has a gold medal too.Sugar, blood oranges, fresh lemon juice, Norfolk Gin, filtered water
Sicilian Blood Orange MarmaladeBlood oranges are only available early in the year, amd this is another popular and fast selling marmalade. They make a wonderfully sweet preserve you’ll just want to eat from the jar. Silver Medal winner.Sugar, Sicilian blood oranges, fresh lemon juice, filtered water.
Kumquat MarmaladeThe national fruit of Corfu, you see kumquats everywhere. They maybe tiny, but they have a fabulous flavour, quite distinct from other oranges. Silver Medal winner.Sugar, kumquats, fresh lemon juice, filtered water
Lemon and Stem Ginger MarmaladeLemons and ginger are such natural bedfellows, and the combination works so well in this marmalade. The stem ginger is coarsely chopped. Silver Medal winner. Silver Medal winner.Sugar, lemons, stem ginger, filtered water
Prasto’s Porter MarmaladeInstead of simmering the Seville oranges in water, this marmalade uses The Boudicca Brewery’s Prasto’s Porter.  The result is a very dark marmalade with the unmistakeable ale flavour running alongside the bitterness of the Sevilles. Suitable for vegans, but does contain gluten. Silver Medal winner.Sugar, organic Seville oranges, fresh lemon juice, Prasto’s Porter (gluten)
Lemon and Lime MarmaladeA lovely fresh and sharp blend. Will make your mouth waterSugar, lemons, limes, filtered water

Seville and Sea Buckthorn Marmalade
New for 2021. Winning both a Gold Medal and a Highly Commended award, this marmalade uses not just organic Seville oranges, but also organic Sea Buckthorn berries from the lovely people at The British Sea Buckthorn Co, in EssexSugar, organic Seville oranges, organic Sea Buckthorn berries, citric acid, filtered water