Product nameDescriptionIngredients
Raspberry and Passion Fruit JamThe addition of passion fruit puree to raspberries takes this jam to another level.Raspberries, sugar, passion fruit puree, fresh lemon juice
Strawberry and Elderflower JamThis Great Taste Award winning jam uses only fresh elderflowers to flavour the strawberries. Meaning I have a very small time frame to make in a year.Strawberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, fresh elderflowers.
Sour Black Cherry Jam with KirschBig, fat sour cherries make an amazing jam on their own. Add some 40% proof kirsch to it, and WOW! ‘Highly Commended in 2020 by the Great British Food Magazine.Sour cherries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, 40% Kirsch, filtered water
Blueberry and Norfolk Gin JamNew for 2020, Norfolk grown blueberries with lots of Norfolk Gin. The original Norfolk gin, with lots of green cardamom.Blueberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, Norfolk Gin
Apricot and Amaretto JamPlump apricots go so will with the almond liqueur; Amaretto. They were just made for each other.Apricots, sugar, fresh lemon juice, Disaronno, filtered water
Strawberry JamNorfolk strawberries make this classic jam.  Perfect for an afternoon tea.Strawberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice
Strawberry and Rose JamNorfolk strawberries with a delicate rose fragrance. Reminiscent of Turkish Delight.Strawberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, rose extract
Strawberry Jam with Norfolk LavenderNorfolk strawberries with the addition of lavender, grown at the Lavender Farm in Heacham.  This jam has won a Great Taste Award and a Great British Food Award.Strawberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, dried Norfolk lavender
Tayberry JamTayberries are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.  They make superb jam. I always look forward to them coming into season. Grown in Norfolk.Tayberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice
Blackcurrant JamAnother Great Taste Award winning jam.  Big, fat Norfolk grown blackcurrants with just a touch of dark rum to give mellowness to the jam.Blackcurrants, sugar, filtered water, dark rum
Raspberry JamSharp and bursting with flavour, a classic jam. Simple, but divine. Raspberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice
Wild Black Cherry and Kirsch JamWith over 800 of these beautiful wild grown black cherries in just one batch, it is a labour of love to remove the stones by hand, but worth every second. All picked in the hedgerows on a friend’s farm in Suffolk.Wild black cherries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, 40% Kirsch, filtered water
A Taste of Summer JamA delicious mix of classic English berries that is perfect for scones. Properly lush.Sugar, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, fresh lemon juice
Damson JamWhen autumn arrives, so does the damson jam. Simple and delicious.Damsons, sugar, filtered water
Gooseberry JamA jam you don’t see around very much, but it’s so tasty, so try someGooseberries, sugar, filtered water
Wild Mirabelle Plum JamThese little red or yellow plums have such a distinctive flavour and aroma and make a fabulous jam. I pick them locally in both Norfolk and Suffolk.Wild Mirabelle plums, sugar, fresh lemon juice